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re: christmas gifts & new years gifts from sakura & hill house
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haruno wrote in mostly_ooc
Getting this done since I'll forget, otherwise...

Unapologetically, the following will be receiving 'Christmas' presents:

Deathscythe (shut up you would too you know it) ONE GIANT SCARF Duo should probably donate the individual sections to like... charity LMASD all scarves are in red... and black... this is the biggest striped scarf ever wth
Sasuke SCARF that is white with the uchiha crest detailed on to one end SHE REFUSED TO USE BLACK YARN and also a key to a special place to be explained below...
Kakashi SCARF black personalized with a scarecrow on one end and
Katsura (he cares too much; she figures it's important) SCARF personalized with... what she thinks is the Japanese flag LMFASD it ... yes
Kurt (he's tried to make Christmas special for so many) ... SCARF of blue with silver musical notes on each end
Kushina ... S...CARF? a nice green with the konoha symbol embroidered on one end in red
Naruto ... SCARF that's orange with white details (and tassels) that spell out KONOHA'S ORANGE HOKAGE and also a key to a special place to be explained below...
Renge (Christmas matters to her) A nice gorram coat from BURNINGHAM FACTORY yes I keep intentionally misspelling that; also, it is pink.
Shinpachi (he's from the same world as Katsura) SCARF think white with blue fringe and blue details of... idek a stylized crysanthemum

... ... ... She's dreaming of a scarved Christmas? STAY WARM GUYS?

Naruto and Sasuke will be reciving a literal key to a lab on the lowah levels. Said lab has been painstakingly converted into a kind of greenhouse, under her own advisement, Aerith's advisement, and with the fantastic help of Katsura. There is a tomato section, which is growing quite nicely; a section of various cooking herbs; a section of various cool looking plants that are technically useless; and then liberally planned out and planted flowers. The floor has been covered in gravel, a lighter one to mark 'pathways' and a darker kind to mark 'off pathways.' She's left it intentionally sparse and unobtrusive; the entire garden is not planted. It's a beginning, and it leaves room for the boys to... do things with. Idek.

As an aside, the tables that would have held everything have been brought down to ankle level, and it's possible to get them raised up again should Naruto and/or Sasuke want the hydropaunic tanks up at waist level for some reason or another.

While theeeeeese people will be getting 'New Years' gifts:

Anemone (she's totally hitting up yoshimori to get cookies for this lady here)
Aerith (a nice paper parasol 8) with flowers painted on it)
Bruce (Dates and prunes LMFAO SHUT UP also a scarf you crazy old bastard, the pattern on this one is all oddly... ridged... chevrons... batman)
Duo (sweater; DM on the front; thank you Shinpachi and Katsura because she can't see this and not start laughing ffs; also because that is a horrible gift he gets a watermelon too)
Envy (SCARF black with red versions of his tattoo's on the ends -- I told you Megs!)
Fox (some sort of food gift basket with a little marzipan version of his ship in the middle)
Heero (... Dates and prunes 8|a ... and also a bottle of soy sauce LAMSD)
Hikaru (chopsticks with "strength" engraved on them)
Kakashi (...sigh since I guess this hasn't happened yet a reclaimed from the Vogon's collection of Icha Icha + a framed sectioned photo of each member of Team Seven on the ship, with a little note that says, "You've believed in us too much to ever let us down.")
"Kamui" (also gets a scarf. black, with golden threads in the tassles.)
Kaoru (chopsticks with "courage" engraved on them)
Katsura (SOB a reclaimed from the Vogon's collection of cute kitten postcards)
Kaylee (... a bento box LMFASD also a set of ultra-absorbant long-lasting grease rags with SERENITY embroidered on them... in English)
Knuckles (a clay mug glazed in something red with a golden almost-echidna looking animal imprinted on one side)
Kurt (gourmet chocolates and coffee)
Kushina (a cooking herb set! ie a spice rack, plus a gift certificate to her and naruto's fav ramen place)
Hong Meiling (a nice oriental-style tea-mug set. emblazoned with dragons, after that talk waaaay long ago in July.)
Mieu (a little photo album titled "My Memories." scribbled inside is, "Here's to the rest of what you'll make while waiting for your important people to find their way home to you again. Make every moment count.")
Naruto (a framed, sectioned photograph of all team seven members on the Thor that says "Team Seven, XXXXX" for whatever year it is right now in game; NOT THAT THIS MATTERS SOB; also a gift certificate to his fav Ramen place)
Otae (a nice framed picture of her and Shinpachi gleaned from their hug back when returning to the Thor; before Shinpachi is squeezed to the death from dis)
Renge (a nice stationary set 8])
Richezza (a teddy bear, palm sized)
Sasuke (... he also gets a high-end spice/herb gift set, with a lean toward Italian...ness; also framed, sectioned into four parts photo of all members of Team Seven here on the Thor [there is nothing engraved on this])
Shinjiro (a small decorative salad oil set)
Shinpachi (remember that parrot I talked about? THAT MECHANICAL PARROT)
Sho (some really nice gourmet coffee, plus a treatsie on mathematics she found buried in some offbeat bookstore)
Shuuichi (the equivalent of a camera that takes photo-both pictures; prints them out as stickers and everything, is small, handheld, and the like)
Yosuke (watermelon recepient number three; also a wall hanging calendar with a frog motif painting on top)
If I've forgotten anyone, let me know. I'm far more fallable than Sakura.

Hill House will be sending gift certificates to "Kamui," Kamui, Tama, Kurama, Ling, Edward Elric, Yuuta, Pamela Ibiss, Lafayel, Kazami Yuuka, Yuyuko, all for either a restaurant on ship, or to a carnival being held in early like... January.

It will send a flashlight to Riku and a fire extinguisher to Axel. ♥

why's it a new year's present instead of xmas WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE

ahahsdf New Years being something probably actually celebrated on her world, and with gift exchanges to boot!, and Christmas being a concession to Naruto (and a few friends she believes it matters to) on the Thor





do the dates and prunes for heero and bruce still have the opposite person's initials on them lmfao

what is oddly ridged chevrons?

why is this icon swiftly becoming my ooc one???



oh hell sure though at that point it's probably intentional LMFAO SAKURA WHY

oh think batsignal only more geometric and the the like I WILL DRAW THIS FOR YOU LATER

and idk why so hungry ooc kaylee why so hungry

PFTTTTTTTTTT why so creepy Hill House. why so creepy.

lmao will it actually be addressed from "Hill House" or will it just be anonymous?

ANONYMOUSLY of course 8)

though this reminds me lmfasdf

Ed's getting a new years gift too

you know those life alert things for old people who fall and can't get up?


one of those

(also a book of Pointless Information That Tickles The Fancy but that's neither here nor there)


my bet is she saw a book on heartwarming christmas gifts

and scarf was just the easiest thing to do



kushina likes xmas colors and she didn't even know it!

actually it was probably more to play on the the whole tomato nickname thing but WHATEVS

sakura is getting some home-made sweets 8)

i still have to write my list out hrrrng

I'm sorry do you ... do you know if Habanero was the original Japanese word to describe Kushina or not because if it is I AM MORE CONFUSED THAN USUAL at this series

awwwwh home-made sweets 8) it's such a good thing she's part of the sweetloving side of this team

/stares at kakashi and sasuke

if she knew Naruto was giving you what he was she'd add in coupons

from some ad-saver

for kamui

HECK YEAH FOR NEW YEARS oh yes and... Christmas...


/ads to the list of crap in his room inventory XD

I hope you realized how annoying he'll get with that thing. YOU'VE RELEASED A MONSTER.

Also, Hill House ftw. Fire extinguisher for Axel lol


and she has no idea what she's really done for that lmaodf

hey, Axel basically asked for that fire extinguisher

... somehow

Meiling is going to cherish the tea set so much she won't even use it. Like a grandma.

lasdfjlasjfd will she dust it

will it be up on a shelf locked away

... mostly will she dust it

Oh, yaaaaaaay! Pink coats and stationary!

Sakura will get a thank you gifts.

somehow a book didn't seem up Renge's alley

... at least any book Sakura was willing to buy

...He's gonna feel bad for not getting anyone anything if people are going to get him things you know. :| But it's going to occur to him waaaaaay too late that people are doing gift exchanges and stuff.

Remember the birthday speech? Yeah, get ready to listen to that again. Hey, you like ice cream right? All girls like ice cream. Let's get you some ice cream.

LMAO it's okay Yosuke, at least she's only giving you something for New Years, she'll just be like "look it's fine your culture isn't as into this as mine is we're cool, bro"

and hell yes who doesn't like icecream?


Sakura is getting an animal hat:

Pick the one you like :D

OH GOOD she can only hope, and... hope her choice in... color isn't horrible or something LADSM



is it signed do they know who it's from

al;skdfj Ish I love you you make it so easy to plan for posts with Duo. <3


I'm glad to be of use, Capitana! ♥

also did you see what Sakamoto is giving Sakura 8|

(Deleted comment)
he'll totally add that scarf to his ensemble when he comes back to the thor one day wearing a hokage coat and hat

also, yay a garden. it feels so much better than the shitty metal ship

can we grow ramen? please?

no naruto but you can grow the components and give them to your mom, or shinjiro, or SHO SINCE HIS DAD RAN A RAMEN PLACE ahahasf she knows this now




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