September 28th, 2010


Rooms and promotions!

'Sup, MH?

First of all: If you have any mission suggestions, go here. No matter what it is, just post it, and we'll see if it's possible to pull it off. If you have any suggestions for the newspaper (anything your character has done that might have been noticed by a journalist, any crimes that have been committed, anything funny, or just random, etc.), that goes to the same post. Just make sure you include links to any relevant threads or logs.

Buuut what you're all here for: Room upgrades/job promotions.

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If you want your character to get a promotion, upgrade or downgrade, comment here with their name, username, and which job level and rooming arrangement they had previously. It's important that you let us know if they're getting a job promotion, as that's the only way we'll know how many missions of that type to come up with.

Please replace the brackets with your character's information in the following form when responding:

If your character isn't upgrading rooms or earning a raise this month, then you don't need to respond to this post (unless you have questions about anything, of course!).

Just a reminder, there is a time limit to request promotions and upgrades, as it's unrealistic that we'll actually keep checking this post throughout the month. So make sure you let us know by the end of Tuesday, October 12th. And even if you're not planning to upgrade this time, please double-check that we have you at the right level, as we might have missed something. >.>

And that's it for now! The event post should be up in a few hours! :D
Thanks to everyone out there!


All right. So there's this local art exhibit coming up in January that I have agreed to participate in. (You know, for reasons such as EXPOSURE and POSSIBLE GALD and kicking art block out the window.) I've just found out only 4-5 of us have responded, and I'm basically looking at creating and preparing 12-17 pieces of art between RIGHT NOW and late December. (That's actually a whole lot of art.)

Sooo... Despite me wanting to be more active in RP Land and wanting to app a third character even, I find that I'm going to need to cut back and focus my creative energies elsewhere if I'm ever going to succeed in getting enough art together before the last possible second. @_@;; Therefore I will be dropping Meer Campbell. Hopefully, hopefully by the time January rolls around I'll have had time to canon review and be able to come back with more characters, but until then I don't think I can reasonably focus on more than one at a game of this size.

If there are any plots or open threads you'd like to finish, just poke me and I'll be happy to work something out with you! And thanks to everyone who tagged with her. It was fun! Also I'm sorry.

In the meantime I will still be around with the Evil Twin Grumpypants Abyss Silver Aschhole.

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So...the Glee club is about singing and dancing and looking fashionably ridiculous in hilarious outfits. The new event it's about a real-life television show and I guess that include musicals?

Who doesn't want to randomly burst into song, confess their feelings or just sing about how alone you are and wonder where's you charming prince? I wonder if the KH cast would see anything strange about this.

We can go from romantic posts based on Muline Rouge/West side Story/etc to funny ones like Hairpray/Batman/Spamalot/etc, or more dangerous ones like a Sweenie Todd/Repo!/etc.

What do you all think? ^^'

Edit: According to tv tropes the South Park movie it's a musical >>; my god

aaaand part three!

Hey guys!!

Firstly, thank you all so much for the input and suggestions you gave us regarding the issue of moratoriums placed on applications. It gave us a great deal of food for thought, and the mods got together to decide whether we should revise our stance on it. After weighing the pros and cons of each option given, we decided that the strike system suggested to us would be the best solution. It'll work like this:

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A beautiful smile

Did someone say TV show? Cause I heard someone say TV show

RIGHT NOW, the moment you begin reading this, the Thor is devastated by cheesy ass special effects an alien attack from the edges of our understanding.

IT IS THE pilot episode of a mecha show FIRST BLOW OF A TERRIBLE plot WAR. Now, armed with whatever mecha you had in canon a weapon that you cannot look at without facepalming comprehend and can barely think about without straining your suspension of disbelief operate, you will STRIKE BACK.

This is madness blasphemy sparta...


Yes, that's right. Sara Smith will be right in her element as the most loli of all mecha pilots ever (that's a challenge, people) as her life is transformed into a mecha show.

Who wants in on being the pilots? The engineers who may or may not crush on the pilots? The Evil Opposition?


Event plotting

Okay, so Endora's not going to be choosing sides for this hokey battle of good and evil and will instead be poking at both sides.  Basically, I'm asking who would like her to come around and throw the proverbial wrench into their plans.


And for the last time, I hope!

So everything seems to be in order, I know what my restrictions are on my schedule and where I can fit in time for posting (as little as this is, mind), so with that week off I've reorganized and am back for more horrid abuse of my poor reporter! Please, I invite you to abuse him. That's what he's here for.

But if Gary isn't entertaining enough for you, then I've got a curly-headed Doctor that has been recently submitted (despite my better judgement and sanity) for Modly Approval© and may be around by the end of this week! He is looking forward to landing on Thor just about as much as any other character, thus, not at all. I invite you to pester him as well!

Now. Since I am far too lazy to skim through all of those plotty discussions and the like, I have this shiny new Internet(s) available to the person that comes up with the best summary of what's happened and is about to happen in a paragraph or less. GO!