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End of December Announcements!

×) On the topic of the Activity Check - while it is NOT required this month, we'd still like to ask that everyone leave a post on their character's AC threads for December. Leave links to activity if you've got 'em, write us a haiku or something if you don't. We'll be removing idle journals on the 15th of next month as usual, and going over the AC pages is still the quickest way for us to see which characters are and are not active. Livejournal willing, we'll be back to our usual AC requirements of two posts beginning in January, so make sure to plan for that!

×) The Room Upgrade and Promotions post for the month of January is open.

×) On the topic of moving the game:
× Before ANY decisions about actually packing up and moving are made, we will be putting up another player poll in the next 2-3 weeks to see if players are still interested in moving. We want everyone to be able to make informed votes with clear heads, because Ragequitting is often the fastest way to Regret Town.

× Overall, we want to encourage everyone to keep playing as usual. Reservations, as quite a few of you have noticed, are open, and barring any unforeseen catastrophes, we'll be going over applications as advertised on the weekend of January 7th, so there's that!

Everyone is welcome to share their current thoughts on this topic here on this post - Also, we would like everyone to know that we did read all of the comments on the initial post where we brought up the possibility of moving, but we haven't had time to respond to them. If you have any concerns or would like some direct moderator feedback or dialogue regarding this, please feel free to contact us! We're usually both available on AIM (Ant is 'daigurrenkamina', Kiwi is 'gundamkiwi' - if we're "away" or offline, ping us with an IM anyway; we'll get it when we come back), and you can also directly PM this journal account or e-mail us at, and we'll respond to you as soon as we can.

×) On to the Improbability Drive Event!
Everyone remembers playing "the floor is lava!" as a kid; some were better at it than others, of course, but it did happen! And if it didn't,'ll soon get your chance!

...But in any case, it's a good thing some of you had all that practice avoiding the floor as a kid, climbing on furniture and shelves and handy parental units in your desperate bid to avoid touching the ground, because it's about to come in really handy now!

That's right, guys. The floor is lava. No, really. Don't touch it, it's hot!

We'll run the event for four days, beginning late Wednesday, December 28th through to late Sunday, January 1st, at which point we'll be arriving on the month's planet, which we'll tell you more about at that time. Missions should follow as usual on the day after, Monday, January 2nd.
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